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Pens you can rely on: Ball Pen versus Fountain Pen

With over one billion sales of ball pens a year, they have successfully replaced fountain pens in everyday use in homes, schools, offices, banks, and stores. Ball points are not refillable, so one has to replace it once the ink ends, or when it just refuses to work. So, how can a consumer be certain that the next ball pen they buy will not cause them any trouble?

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How to write faster with your ball pen

Many people who still enjoy cursive penmanship tend to have two sets of pens: a signature pen and a working pen. Your signature and the few personal notes you write to your friends and family are the most important words you write, so you need a good pen with a medium or broad point, preferably in blue color so your writing stands out from copies.

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Useful Tips for Drawing with Ball Pens

Fine drawings created from ball pens are simply magnificent. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to go about creating the perfect images with ball points. It would probably be easier to learn with documented photos, close-up video capture, and narration, but the following tips can be just as useful to learn one or two things about the technique used.

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The Evolution of Ball Pens

Ball pens are still extremely popular, despite the advent of computer technology. They can be used for a number of different purposes, such as to make lists, fill out important documents, and write notes and cards for loved ones. Unlike other types of pen, the ink that is used in a ball pen dries almost instantly, ensuring that smudges are left on the piece of paper.

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The Amazing Ball Pen!

Despite living in the electronic age of Computers, mobiles and internet, there is still no substitute for pen and paper. Even as you browse the Web, you probably have a pen within easy reach to jot down notes, scribble phone numbers, or even to doodle! Modern ballpoint pens are so inexpensive that we don't even think about them anymore -- you might have a cup on your desk that contains a dozen or so different pens that have wandered in from who knows where!

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