Sketch Pen: For the Impactful Renderings

The immediate benefit of sketch pens – i.e. one which immediately comes to mind when we talk about them- is that they can actually be used to write on various surfaces including wood, glass, pen and paper. The reason why a student would like to use a sketch pen instead of a regular ball pen is because the bold and vibrant renderings offered by these pens are hardly matched by any of its counterparts.

Sketch Pens: A bit of their history

It was in the year 1910 that these pens were patented by Lee Newman. However, it was only in the 1950s that the pens started enjoying unprecedented popularity in the market. Thanks to the bold and vibrant renderings offered by these pens they are also used for marking important or interesting portions in books.

It was only in the 1950s that these pens came to be used on labels and letters. One of the most notable attributes of these pens is that they have undergone changes in “composition” since their introduction as well.

How they have “changed” with the passage of time

Up to 1990, the ink primarily comprised toluene and xylene. This is the reason why you always got that distinctive smell from these pens which you never got from gel pens or ball pens. However, post the nineties, there are other elements that have come to be used in these pens as well. A modern sketch pen uses alcohols including propanol and butanol.

Uses and benefits

Besides school projects these pens are also used for writing on greeting cards, posters and on boards at workplaces. The bright renderings of these pens prove unassailable when it comes to making an impact – especially on light shades of paper.

These pens are protected by a tip positioned right at the top. This prevents the ink from leaking. Another major benefit of these pens is that they are not really susceptible to smudge—a trait which is actually regarded as a flaw as far as gel pens are concerned. Let us tell you that sketch pens are generally preferred because they are durable and available in a huge gamut of colors.

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