Gel Pens Or Ball Pen: The Choice Is Yours!

Pens are not simply a tool for writing that can be tossed away without a thought. They happen to be a means of grabbing attention and informing all and sundry about your purpose. Whether you write poetry or jot down ideas on paper to be amassed later on, the power of the pen remains unabated.

Sure, gel as well as ball pens are getting a thumbs up from its consumers of late. Trying to find the right sort of pen can be a bit overwhelming as well. No worries!Check out the facts about the two most popular pens used and conquer the world with your penmanship.

Let’s cut to the quick and find out what a ball pen can provide vis-à-vis a gel pen.

Gel Pen

Well, it incorporates the plus points of both the ball as well as the roller pen. The procedure of the ink flow is very similar to said types of pens. While there are no smudges and you are likely to write pretty fast with it, there are a few disadvantages associated with it too. It does get to clump once in a while leaving blank areas within the written content because the ink did not get coat the ball perfectly. However, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages with the pigment based ink available in a number of pretty colors.

Ball Point Pen

It contains a thick ink that akin to a paste. When in operation the ball present at its tip puts the paste like ink to paper. The ink flows by means of an alcohol based solvent that dries almost instantaneously when it hits the surface. The advantages are immense as there is less chance of smudging and almost no possibility of bleeding through the paper due to the quick drying property. However, writing with it quickly requires a bit of practice as pressure has to be applied for the thick ink to flow out. This makes it a less pleasant and is not likely to be use when scribbling quick notes.

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