How to identify a good ball pen

Owning a superior quality writing instrument is a dream for every writer. A high quality ball pen enhances the beauty and attractiveness of even a piece of regular writing or creative work by leaps and bound. Whether shading with a pen, making anarchitectural designor writing a simple paragraph, the flawless strokes from the perfect ball penare sure to make the paper a treat for the eyes.The ideal ball pen writes like a dream and also keeps the pockets of its owner happy. So, for people seeking the right ball pen, the following points must be kept in mind while selectingtheir dream writing instrument.

A good pen is one that provides an efficient and effective writing experience to its user. Be it a ball pen with a metal body or a plastic exterior, a good pen always has an excellent finish and feel. Its size is such that it fits perfectly between the thumb and the index finger of the writer. This provides the writer with a complete grip of the pen which is integral in producing a clean and beautiful writing.

Average ball point pens contain ink refills that exhaust rapidlymaking writing with such pens anextremely frustrating affair for the writer. The task of replacing theseink refillsregularly is not only time-consuming but expensive as well.A good ball pen on the other hand essentially contains a long-lasting ink refill that is sure tocreate a long an uninterrupted, hassle free and cost-effective writing experience for theuser.

Ball pens come in various sizes and with different writing tips. However, the writing nib of the right ball pen always produces perfect, even, smooth and scratch free writing for the user. Superior quality ink and a firm grip of the pen are very essential for free flowing and undisturbed writing.

Ball pen users often face the messy problem of ink accumulation on the writing tip of the average pen. These ink blobs not only make the writing unpleasant but also end up dirtying the hands, clothes, etc of the user. Also, alot of ink is wasted in the process and the life span of the ink refill gets shortened. A good ball pen on the other hand always contains high quality, free flowing and fast drying ink that is sure to produce a long, smudge free, ink blob free and clean writing experience for the writers.

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