How to write faster with your ball pen

Many people who still enjoy cursive penmanship tend to have two sets of pens: a signature pen and a working pen. Your signature and the few personal notes you write to your friends and family are the most important words you write, so you need a good pen with a medium or broad point, preferably in blue color so your writing stands out from copies.

There’s more flexibility in picking a working pen, but considering that you use it heavily on a daily basis (even if you still use a computer), it should offer certain qualities. It is recommended that you choose of the right type and point size that feels most comfortable for you. Many people find that ballpoint pens are the best for taking notes, since you can write smaller and achieve more from a single page.

If you have a small handwriting, you should get a fine point. But the bigger and faster you prefer to write, the more you should shift to medium or broad points that enable faster flow of ink.

Here are a few things that affect how fast you write:

Tip friction and pressure: There are some pens that drag on paper more than others, increasing friction, reducing your writing speed, and increasing wrist strain. Cheap pens that use viscous ink and require you to exert more downward pressure are the worst, because the more force you need to apply to write, the sooner you will exhaust your muscles. If you’re exhausted, you cannot write as fast as you want to.

Line thickness: Pens with thick tips (0.7 – 0.9mm) are generally easier to write with, though they facilitate heavy handed / large-stroke writing patterns. Conversely, pens with thinner tips require less downward pressure, making it easier for you to write. You’re also able to write smaller, with more detailed letters.

Grip: The more comfortable you are when holding your pen, the faster you can write. A comfortable grip gives you good form, better technique, and faster writing speeds. Pens with wider barrels and padded grips are not only easier to grip, but they also don’t force your fingers to squeeze around a tiny barrel.

Maintenance: Any type of cheap, non-branded pen is more likely to malfunction. You have probably had one of these, trying to scribble like crazy to get the pen working. Using a better pen will save you time and money. Also, never use your pen on wet white-out because it will clog the tip of your pen.

Ballpoint pens are the most affordable and easiest pens to use (smudge-free), but they are not as fast as fountain pens, unless you’re using Elkos pens. They are not only uniquely designed for ultra-smooth writing, but they also feature a rubberized grip, so you can write as fast as you need to.

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