Important Facts About Your Ball Pen

A pen remains the most widely used writing tool to date despite the advent of technology. Although the young generation prefers using computers and smart phones for a number of activities, it is the pen preferably the ball pen that is still the main writing implement when an examination is on. The pen is also known as a ball point pen or a Biro pen in certain parts of the world. Check out a few facts about the pen and have fun sending handwritten notes as opposed to printed ones.

What is a ball pen?

It is a handy pen that utilizes ink thatis expelled out of the pen via its metal point at the tip. The metal can be steel, tungsten carbide or brass.

Why was it invented?

It was invented specifically to stop refilling of ink and disallowed messy smudges that a fountain pen made. It was recognized as a better form of pen that could be used for a long time without the need to top it with ink.

What is the origin of the Ball Point Pen?

The patent is in the name of László Bíró, a Hungarian journalist who successfully invented in 1948 because was tired of wasting time filling ink in his pens.

Are there different types of biro pens used today?

Yes! You can find a lot of varieties namely:-

1. Disposable pens

2. Refillable pens

3. Roller pens

4. Fisher Space Pens

5. Erasable ball pens

What are the benefits of not using fountain pens?

A useful writing ball pen has numerous advantages. However, the basic reasons for choosing a ball point pen are:-

1. No leakage of ink

2. Usually inexpensive

3. Easy to carry in your pocket or wallet

4. Artists also prefer to use ball pens to create fine lines or doodle on paper

India’s no 1 ball pen -which is the best ball pen in India?

There is no specific pen that is considered to be the best. However, users agree that Elkos Pens meet the expectations of their users perfectly. Hence it is in great demandand is a dominant player in the ball pen market.