Let your kid write more and type less!

In today’s tech savvy world, kids are taught to type faster and more accurately than being taught to write beautifully. However, this leap of digitalisation has failed to undermine the importance of writing. Pens are still very prevalent in the market and are sure to stay that way for ages to come.

Writing has multiple benefits over typing. Many surveys, researches and studies conducted worldwide have proven that writing enhances the critical thinking ability, logical reasoning power, creativity and reading skills of an individual. Further, it is also known to boost their confidence significantly. In the lights of these benefits, it is better to hand a pen and a paper to a kid than a keyboard to ensure their optimal development. Some benefits of writing over typing are:

Concentration enhancement

While writing with a pen one needs to be more focused and attentive than when typing. They tend to pay more attention on the size and width of the alphabets, the cleanliness, spellings, etc. These together help to enhance the attention span, concentration level and focus of the writer.

Boosting Memory

Higher the concentration level and focus, better the memory and retention power. Thus writing also helps to enhance the memory of the pen users.

Improvement of brain health

Writing is a healthy exercise regime for the brain. Trying to recollect spellings and style of writing, taking the effort to write beautifully, etc are some simple exercises that our brain subconsciously engages in while writing. The more ones writes, the sharper their memory becomes and their concentration improves by leaps and bounds. Writing is thus an overall healthy workout for the brain.

Enhancement of writing ability

The enhanced concentration required while writing with a pen gives more space for thought to the writer. It makes the pen user more creative and innovative and thereby leads to the enhancement of their writing skills.

Personalisation of words

The hand scribed alphabets reflect the emotions of the writer and thus can connect more effectively with the readers. Handwritten matter is more personalised than its printed counterpart.

Limiting online distractions

While typing on the computer keyboard, one has to deal with loads of distractions like games, movies, internet etc. These hamper the concentration and attentiveness of the individual and have a very negative impact on their writing skills. On the contrary, while writing with a pen, the writer seldom faces these distractions and can thus concentrate better and write better.

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