Three Advantages Of Direct Fillpens

Many people prefer to carry and use a heavy fountain pen which has intricately carved design on its body and a heavy feel of gravitas to it. That kind of a pen is perfect for occasional use or ceremonial use. But if you are in a profession where you need to use a pen throughout the day, then a direct fill pen is a much better alternative for you. These pens are nothing much to look at, and in fact their looks are downright unimpressive. Because they are made of light plastic and are designed to be of the use and throw variety, they are usually quite cheap. In spite of their not too impressive looks, they do provide several advantages to the user, and here are three of them listed below.

Unlike a fountain pen, you need not worry about the ink spilling out or overflowing and spoiling your clothes. As long as the cap is kept tightly on, there is no risk of any ugly blotches on your shirt or trouser pockets. Additionally, the mark of such a pen on the pen also dries quickly, so you need not worry about smudges on the paper.

You can continue to use a standard direct fill pen for a very long time without having to worry about a refill or having to carry additional stock. In case you buy a direct fill pen with a transparent body, you would also know how much ink is left, so you can get yourself a replacement well in time.

Cost is one of the biggest advantages of a direct fill pen. For most people who work in offices or commercial establishments and have to use a pen almost throughout the day, misplacing a pen is a very common occurrence. But this doesn’t feel so bad if the misplaced pen is a cheap direct fill pen.