Which Sketch Pen Is Perfect For Your Needs?

Well, a popular person is known by many names. That is exactly the case with sketch pens that are known by as many names as the number of countries they are used in. From a felt tip pen to a marker, and textas, the number of descriptive moniker is mindboggling to say the least. Yet the basics remain the same with young kids, artists, teachers, and business persons alike utilizing it for their own purposes. What is more, the versatile sketch pen is also frequently used for scrap booking and lettering too. Often being employed for creating posters and charts, this beautiful pen in various colors has no equal. However, it would be essential to learn about its characteristics in order to use it fully and properly. Do check the facts below…

Salient Features

Tip- The functionality of the pen is enhanced considerably with the aid of two distinct types of tips that it contains. While the firm nib like structure is ideal for writing or sketching fine lines, the thicker but more versatile spongy tip can be accessed by turning it sideways and using it for coloring or shading your image.

Size- Well, the tips of a sketch pen come in different sizes and you are free to use the one that meets your needs. However, there is no standard size and one brand’s fine tip may not be identical to another brand’s tip of the same name. You may have to check out various tips available before selecting the one you require. There is no good or bad here though as you may require a fine, medium or broad strokes of your pen for varied reasons.

Ink- The ink that is found in felt pens vary sharply too. Do not go for the more expensive oil or alcohol based inks instead of the more commonplace pigments that happen to be water based. Opting for the first will not help you, if you are using it on paper though as it will tend to bleed rather heavily. Do feel free to use it on glass, metals or glossy papers and keep the water based pen for paper use.

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