Why Are Direct Fill Pens So Popular?

It is impossible to pass an entire day without feeling the need to take up a pen. This statement happens to be true even today when almost every office is switching to automation. Strangely, there are a lot of pen aficionado still around. However, a common writing tool hat is not too expensive, nor does it require special care is the kind that is in high demand. From post offices to banks as well as public service centers where adding your signature is mandatory, a pen is usually offered to you. Well, maybe you do not even look at it twice, just grab and sign before going about your work. Yet the popularity of direct fill pens remains unsurpassed with every manufacturer of pens offering them in bulk or singles. What is the reason behind such a huge demand of these simple to use pens, then? Do read on for the details…

Quick Drying- They do not require too much of force to be exerted during writing nor are they messy. On the contrary, the ink on the writing dries up completely even before you close the pen cap and return it to its rightful place.

Not Messy- A distinct advantage of opting for a direct fill pen is its quality of not leaking ink. You can safely carry it in your pocket or within your purse without a thought. There is absolutely no need to be worried about ungainly smudges on your fingers or a white shirt.

Cost Effective- You do not even have to think twice before buying one. It is immensely affordable and worth keeping handy in places accessible to the general public. Most offices tend to buy them in bulk from a reputable pen manufacturer such as Elko Pens. Not only do the increased amounts reduce your costs considerably, they are effective as office stationary without requiring any special care too.

Long Lasting- They are usually long lasting especially so, if you use it sparingly. You may actually end up using the same direct fill pen for years on end without any sign of the ink being depleted. Opting to buy it from a reputed manufacture makes it doubly advantageous as the quality make and functionality keeps it going for long.

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