Direct fill Pens – How to keep your handwriting consistent

A beautiful handwriting starts with a great pen. Many people have a favorite pen, but if you’re still searching, try direct fill pens by Elkos. These innovative looking pens feature fine tip points measuring 0.6mm for smooth writing, plus they’re incredibly long lasting.

1.Adopting a good writing position

About one in 10 individuals are left handers, and while most of them can write as comfortably as right handlers, there are still some who struggle with basic left hander problems like scratchy letters, smudging (especially when using fountain pens), and covered up writing. Those who have overcome these challenges may experience writing strain. Fortunately, such challenges can be used by using the right pen and adopting the right writing position.

So, if you’re using an Elkos direct fill pen – irrespective of whether you’re a right or left hander – then the next thing you need to do is adjust your writing position. Lefties suffer because they tend to push rather than pull (like righties) when writing, causing their words to be covered as they write (along with smudging).

If you rotate the paper by around 45 degrees clockwise, your elbow will come in while the hand will drop under the writing line, giving you better comfort and visual space for you to write. If you hunch over your pen sometimes, with your fingers presses tightly towards the end of the nib, this could also contribute to smudging. So, it is recommended that you hold your pen at an appropriate distance from the tip – preferably 1-1.5 inches.

2.Sitting properly and engaging your arm

Hunching over your pen not only increases the risk for smudging, but it also causes you to exert additional pressure onto your arms, causing them to tire more quickly than they would otherwise. Another bad practice is using your wrist to move side-to-side (instead of using your arm). So, sitting in a position that lets you take your weight off your writing hand, and allowing your forearm to guide your hand (as you write) across the paper can help you right comfortably and consistently.

3.Writing smaller

The idea is to make your pen travel smaller distances (by writing smaller letters) so you can write longer without getting tired, write faster, and finish your writing quicker. Alternatively, you can write tall and skinny letters, so you move in a manner that is comfortable to your hands. Hands are constructed so the fingers can only bend upwards and downwards, making vertical motions easier than horizontal ones. So, writing taller, thinner letters reduces horizontal movements and reduces the risk of messiness linked to side-to-side arm motion.

These tips should make writing with your favorite Elkos pen more enjoyable. Elkos Pens are one of the leading manufacturers of direct fill pens in the globe. With three refill colors and seven body colors to choose from, you’re certain to find a pen that suits your tastes. For more information on their varieties, visit our website at

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