Handy tips for choosing perfect gel pen

Gel pens are some of the most extensively used pens currently available in the market. Like sketch pens, the gel pens are particularly a hit among the young school going crowd who prefer to use them for signing documents, writing in exams, taking down notes, marking important areas in a book as well as for performing a host of other tasks. Gel pens are widely loved for their non-leakage writing features, versatility, a wide range of colors as well as the thick, dramatic lines that can be easily created by using them. Over the years, numerous pen manufacturing companies have come forward with their own line of gel pens which may vary in their range of colors, thickness of the pen as well as colorfastness. If you are looking to find products from the best pen manufacturers, here are some of the things that you will need to consider.


Gel pens vary greatly in their color and sometimes different shades of a single color are also available. You will also have to remember that most of these colors have unique functions of their own for which they are preferred. For instance, gel pens that are blue or black in color can be used for creating bold and prominent lines. They are most widely used in corporate environments where they are used by business professionals to mark important points or for signing documents. On the other hand, gel pens in brighter shades like pink, purple, red and green are mostly suited for sketching and painting by young students who are in theirelementary schools.


If you are a business professional who wants to work with normal and non-fading inks, you need to get gel pens that deliver a steady shade of the specific color. On the other hand, if you are a student still in school, you can work with inks of diverse colors and shades. You can even choose to make use of neon hues as well as opt for ink that comes with glitters in them.

Appearance of the line

The thickness of a line is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while choosing a gel pen. Decide on a standard thickness that you intend to maintain while writing and then browse through different gel pens to see which of them fulfills that intended target of line thickness. While some pens can help you to write in smooth, fine lines, there are others that are naturally bold. The pens that you opt for should be able to write with a solid and constant flowing mark. Whether you choose to go with a bold line or a fine line, you should make sure that the gel pen provides you with a constant thickness.

Ease and comfort

The other factor that you must think of while choosing gel pens is your comfort level with them. You should choose a gel pen that allows you to write comfortably without making it difficult for you to grip the pen.You can also go for gel pens that come with strong rubber grips. Elkos Pens are one of the leading manufacturers of gel pens. If you would like further information on variety of gel pens available Pens, visit our website at: www.elkospens.com

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