How gel pens offer a comfortable and precise writing experience

The gel pens are some of the most widely used forms of pens in the world. They are extensively used by students and artists. Gel pens are also quite easy to write to and produce flawless lines. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make gel pens different from others.

Gel pen pigments

The tinctures that are primarily used in the gel pens include iron oxides and copper phthalocyanine. The pigments are combined with biopolymers (like tragacanth gum and xanthan gum)and water as well as with some traces of polyacrylate thickeners. The gel produced in this way is much thick compared to traditional ink which in turn produces a strong color. The pigments that are mixed are typically of pastel and bright colors. However, metallic, opalescent and glittery shades are also sometimes created and they can be easily used on various darker surfaces.

Unique features of gel pens

Here are some of the most unique features of gel pens.

1. When compared to some other available varieties of pens, the gel pens help to craft a bolder line. They can also be used for writing on smooth and non-absorbent stuffs.

2. The ink of the gel pens typically take more time to get dried and absorbed which naturally increases the risk of developing a smudge.

3. The gel pens usually do not bleed through papers that are used for writing.

4. Gel pens can produce better lines of writing and they also work well on smoothsupplies and dark surfaces.

5. Compared to paint markers, the gel pens are easier to handle and use.

6. The smell produced by gel pen ink is not that strong.

7. A user is not required to shake a gel pen in order to make sure that they work properly.

8. The color of the gel pen ink is typically much stronger and brighter than some of the other pen variants.

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