Direct Fill Pens: The Right Combination of Convenience and Accuracy

Direct Fill Pens are a very important part of our daily lives. Thanks to the unparalleled accuracy and convenience offered by them, these products have eased their way to out document kits. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a student or an adult, a perfectly functional direct fill pen is all you require to get a plethora of documentation tasks done in a jiffy.

Features of these pens

Though many of us confuse direct fill pens with ball pens, it should be noted that they actually function differently. The direct fill pens cannot be refilled once the ink is exhausted. So you have to throw them away after use. The old refill of the ball pen can, of course, be replaced by a new one after usage.

What are the uses of these pens?

Filling up school or college forms, signing important bank documents and dealing with visa and passport signages – each and every important task can be taken care of by these pens.

Those available with traditional black ink can be used for writing examination papers or just taking down class notes. The red ones can be used for checking exam papers. They are also used for craft projects and jotting down shopping lists.

What more? These pens are a regular feature at workplaces as well.

Their Benefits: Why are they considered the right choice for so many tasks?

One of the most notable attributes of these pens is that they are easy to carry around. With a protective cap covering the nib, you can jolly well carry it around without really fretting over possible smudging of documents (that of course remains a concern with gel pens).

Since they write so fast without smudging they are always treated as the first choice for writing exam papers. If you are careful enough to select the right manufacturer offering quality pens, you will be able to finish your exam paper or for that matter any other important writing task neatly and on time.

The “use and throw” feature makes this one a more cost-effective option when compared to ball pens and gel pens.

Elko Pens offers a huge collection of quality direct fill pens. You can choose from among comprehensive ranges named “Alfa”, “Doxe”, “Sifco” and “Fun GL” among others.

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