5 facts that makes pens the most effective promotional tool

A pen is mightier than a sword so said the English writer Lytton way back in 1839 and his words still ring true even at this day and age when technology has entered the lives of the modern generation with a vengeance. You must be aware of gift sets holding beautiful pens with your name embossed or engraved arriving as a gift for birthdays, festive occasions and many others. You often use a pen that has the logo of a company on it unwittingly. Sure, you notice the name on it and that makes a huge difference to the said company’s promotional techniques.

It is no wonder therefore that the pens are recognized as one of the most effective tools of marketing. They happen to be inexpensive and most individuals do not mind it when they get it as a form of gift, yet has the power of making the desired inroads into the psyche of a prospective or present day customer.

Marketing gurus are well versed in their trade and keep stressing about the efficacy of this cost effective gift that can be customized at will. Hand them out at fairs or conferences or distribute them at any other event, their power just cannot be undermined. Here are a few facts about the innocuous pen that have reached the pinnacle as a highly effective marketing tool. Do read on for the details.

1. It is the second most popular promotional gift, just a step behind products that can be worn on one’s person. No issues with that though! You can keep the customized pen clipped to your shirt pocket or trousers in order to have it near at hand.

2. More than half the population of the developed world receives and retains pens that are handed out as gifts.

3. The varied company names along with their logo stay in your memory making the brand recognizable instantly.

4. Pens are used freely and get through the barriers of age, sex, and class without any difficulty whatsoever.

5. These writing tools are considered to be cost effective for promotional campaigns.

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