The Amazing Gel Pen!

Today, gel pens are equally loved by both left and right-hand users alike. Unlike, when gelpens first made it to the market, the gel pen ink took much longer to dry up than ballpoint ink. Initially, the ink of the gel pen was prone to smearing haphazardly, which made it difficult to use for the left-hand users as their palms tend to drag on whatever they are writing or sketching with it.

Gel ink is much smoother, and more vibrant and is more age and water-resistant than ballpoint ink. So there is nothing about a gel pen not to like. And, with all the innovations and advancement in technology, now gel ink dries as quickly as ball ink does. The improvement in gel ink technology, in recent years, makes it possible for everyone to dive in and grab a gel pen, even if you are a southpaw.

Another upside that lefties always found as a downside of using gel pens were the smooth flow of the ink. Right-hand users tend to pull the pen across the page, while the left-handed individuals drag the pen; hence the ink would again create a mess on the paper. But, since the advancement in the gel ink technology, the ink flows smoothly but does not spill out on paper.

Today, the right gel pen is like a perfectly fitting shoe, even for the southpaw. Gel ink pens leave a much deeper impression on the paper than ink or ballpoint pen, hence a common choice of a pen when it comes to writing or creating illustrations. And why should it not be, the bright colour of the ink, the delicate tips of the pen, the smoothly flowing technology of ink which does not make a mess on the paper and the quick-drying technology of the ink makes it a convenient use, for all.

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