An Overview of Glitter Gel Pens

Glitter refers to a collection of small and shiny particles which are used in various decorative purposes. These particles are usually pretty small and in different colours. They usually have a reflective property, and that is probably why they are collectively called glitter. This concept has also been used in a specific type of pen called glitter pens. This short blog will attempt to give an overview of glitter pens.

Glitter gel pens first began to be used while making stationery in the 1990s. Writing pads, envelops, book covers etc began to be produced with a dash of glitter, and quickly became a craze among teens and tweens. This was accompanied by the addition of glitter to the inks of gel pens, which gave us the first glitter pens.

Glitter pens usually write well on any kind of paper, and are usually easily visible because of the vivid colour of the ink and the shine and sparkle of the glitter in it. Fluorescent pens without any glitter in them are usually used more in office work or by business owners. But the glitter pen is useful for adding a touch of colour and pizazz to any writing. Youngsters use them to write cards or invitation letters, and other such fancy writing where a plain black or blue or even a single colour fluorescent mark won’t make a mark.

While glitter pens have their obvious attractions and advantages, they also have a few drawbacks. Like we mentioned above, they can’t be used for serious, professional work. The ink of glitter pens does have the tendency to dry up, and can be made to work again by giving the pen a few rapid jerks or by rubbing the pen between the palms of the two hands.

The continuing popularity of glitter gelpens does prove that the pros of glitter pens far outweigh the cons.

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