Everything About Storing Gel Pens

Have you ever had to throw away a pen after using only half of it? If yes, then it must not have been a fun experience. The appropriate storage needs of gel pens are a real concern for all art and craft enthusiasts and those who love collecting pens. Correct storage of gel pens can help avoid them from leaking or drying out.

Unlike crayons and pencils that need little consideration for storing, pens require a bit more attention and care. In order to get the complete usage of your gel pens, let us look at some quick tips regarding good gel pen storage practices.

Should we store gel pens horizontal or vertical?

The most effective way of storing gel pens is to keep them horizontally. This keeps the ink from flowing away from the tip. The ink remains equally distributed along the pen shaft.

Gel pens are often stored vertically with the tip pointing up when the space is limited. Gel pens might be vertically kept but not in a place that receives direct sunlight. However, there are limitations to this method. When the tip of the pen is pointing upwards, the ink is most likely to flow away from it. This will affect the flow of the ink gel. Likewise, if the tip is facing down, the gel might flow out or clog the pen.

If you use your gel pens quite frequently, then storing them vertically might be an option for you. As the ink will not be kept dormant for long, the gels pens would not be compromised. But if you are someone who uses gel pens less frequently, you might want to keep them horizontal for the pens to last long.

Therefore, horizontal is the perfect way to store gel pens. This prevents the creation of air bubbles in the ink shaft and leaking at the ballpoint.

The next most crucial thing, when it comes to storing gel pens, is to make sure that the pen caps have been properly put on. If the cap is not put back on correctly, air will reach the ink leading it to dry out.

Finally, whether you keep your gel pens vertical or horizontal, it is important that they are stored away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature. Extreme heat or cold will adversely impact the composition of the ink causing the pigment to separate and clump.

Final Note

The last thing you want is to have to throw away your gel pens because you did not take good care of them. If you are into craft and coloring or use a good gel pen for writing and journaling, gel pens are indeed prized possessions for you. Store your gel pens in closed boxes, transparent acrylic makeup drawers, zipper cases or organizer bins.

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