5 Reasons for Popularity of Gel Pen

Sure, technology has had a great leap and almost everyone today is hooked on to their computers at offices. Strangely, that has not obliterated the use of pens entirely. In fact, quite a lot of people are keen on handwritten notes even now. The popularity of gel pens is the most though while the ball pen as a writing tool is not far behind either.

Obtaining a direct fill pen or superior quality gel pen will no doubt help you to excel at your work. Find out what makes the humble gel pens stand out as the perfect equipment for every day office goers and students alike.

Benefits of Gel Ink filled Pens

The ink quality is extremely viscous and completely opaque making every mark of the pen legible. It is therefore believed to be the first choice for people engaged in writing, illustrating or filling out forms along with inscribing. Every symbol and character becomes totally decipherable making it surpass the direct fill ball point pen in efficiency.

There is absolutely no chance of smearing too. The free flowing and the quick drying properties of this pen make it ideal to be used for highlighting the graphics as well. The bold and darker hue of the ink is preferred by all the users as there is no part that can be obscured in the writing.

There is no dearth of variety either when you are intent on buying a gel pen for your needs. With the pens available in every conceivable color, shape, and grips, there is no room to pass them by. The nib sizes varies sharply too and you can get exactly what you need according to your preference.

There is no question about its price though. Students, home makers, professionals, and business men all swear by its affordability making it the pen of choice for a variety of functions.

The pens are compact with portability not being affected in the least. You are welcome to carry it in your pocket, purse, file or folder with no fear of smudging or leaking of ink.

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