Gel Pens - From Japan to Global Domination

The history of gel pens may not seem like the most interesting topic. In fact, this item is so commonly used throughout the world; it can be easy to forget the origins of such an essential piece of equipment. However, gel pens have helped to revolutionize the way we communicate, and have an interesting history which originates from Japan. Today they are used for various purposes, such as making shopping lists, writing messages and cards for friends and family members, and filling in important documents. They often allow for much more detailed writing when using the pen.

Gel pens were first used in Japan in the 1980s. Prior to this, the ballpoint pen had become increasingly popular, which included a ball mechanism that prevented ink from leaking onto the piece of paper. The design of the gel pen is similar to these ballpoint pens, in that it includes an ink reservoir. Gel pens range in size, and include pen tip ranges that are measured in millimetres. Smaller gel pens are around 0.18 mm in size, with larger pens 1.5 mm.

Gel pens are popular with children, who like to use the pens to create craft projects at home and school. The pens are available in a wide range of colors, and allow for more flexibility than regular ballpoint pens, with an ink that is shiny and flows onto the paper. They are also popular with artists and graphic designers. The pens allow them to experiment with bold and vibrant colors, and can even be used on darker pieces of paper.

Gel pens create a bold line and can even used to write on several non-absorbent materials. Care must be taken not to smudge the ink when using a gel pen, as unlike a ballpoint pen, the ink doesn't instantly dry when it hits the surface of the paper. The ink is also much wetter than a ballpoint pen, but are less likely to "bleed" through the paper like an older-style ink pen or fountain pen might do.

The gel of the pen is made from biopolymers such as tragacanth gum and xanthan gum, as well as water. Gel pens allow the writer to control the flow of ink on the page, and often come in packets of several different colors. They often include a cap, which is used to secure the pen and to stop ink from leaking. Other gel pens include finger grips, which provide protection to the hands when writing. These pens are cost-effective and easy to use.

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