Know Your Ball Pens

Pens have been mentioned as an important tool for ages. It has often been eulogized as being more effective than a sword. Sadly, the importance of the fountain pen has diminished with the advent of new technologies and the ball pen has gained for importance than ever. Do out the facts pertaining this kind of pen that happens to be extremely popular today.


A similar pen was patented by John Loud in 1880. He utilized to pen words on tanned leater initially. The earliest version of ball pens consisted of a rough tip held within a kind of a socket. However, this contraption failed to be viable commercially and his patent collapsed.

The pen as we know now was ultimately patented to Laszlo Jozsef Biro, a journalist from Hungary in 1938. He used it as an improved edition of the fountain pen that proved to be highly effective due to its no-refill and no-smudge techniques.


This pen was known as the biro pen at first and contained an ink storage within the pen itself. The quality of the ink was thicker with the ability to dry quickly. A tiny ball that keeps rotating when the ball point pen is in use happens to be the mainstay of this pen. Fashioned out of brass, tungsten or steel, the roller allows controlled flow of the ink while the cap helps to protect it from drying out.

The flow of ink is aided by gravity.

The conventional ball pens include a tiny aperture on the top of the cartridge that is used to replace the empty space with air as soon as the ink flows out.


Space Pen - The new version is completely pressurized and is an improvement over the conventional model. There is no hole in the pen though. This is certainly beneficial as it completely stops any wastage of ink or any leakage from the rear end of the pen.

Erasable - This type of ball point pen enjoys a high demand as it comes with a bright black or colored ink that enhances visibility. The ink is completely erasable making it an important aid for people who have the need to edit their work frequently.

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