The Pros and Cons of Gel Pens

The first gel pens were invented in Japan by a company called Sakura. The reason for the research into gel pens was that there were certain problems in the use of the traditional fountain pens and also in the more recently invented ball point pens. Gel pens use a water based gel as the ink for writing, and these gels are usually pigmented in the colour required. Like everything else, gel pens have their own advantages, but are also not free from a few flaws. This blog will look at the pros and cons of gel pens.

Let us look at the good points first. The very reason gel pens were invented was because all ball point pens were not able to provide a deep and consistent impression on the paper. Although the mark of most ball point pens was indelible, yet some users wanted their pens to write thicker and deeper. Gel pens fulfilled this requirement. The gel pens not only wrote thicker and deeper, but a user was also able to write for longer without having to refill the pen. Another problem that ball point pen users faced was that the ink could get smeared on the paper, and worse could also make a mark on clothes. Last but not least, a big advantage of gel pens was that the writing was much smoother.

But nothing in this world is all good or all bad. Gel pens also have a few issues. The ink from gel pens takes a tad longer to dry on the paper, so if the writing is touched in those few seconds, there could be ugly smudges. Because of the way gel pens are manufactured and used, they tend to skip across the surface even with very light pressure. This sometimes makes them inconvenient to grasp.

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