The distinct benefits of using a ballpoint pen

Do you feel you need a writing instrument that helps you write on practically any writing surface? Then consider working with a ball pen or a ballpoint pen as it can provide you with the precise writing experience you are looking to have. Plenty of people who find it uncomfortable to write with a fountain pen shift to ball pens after a point in time as it provides a very different writing experience. The ball pens include a fast-drying ink that is distributed through a ball-shaped nib in a way so that the ink does not dry up inside the pen itself.

The ink used in the ball pens is thick and oil-based. Hence, it is different than the ink used for a fountain pen. It is mixed in an alcohol solvent which helps it dry up quickly once you have written with the pen on a piece of paper. A ball-like socket is used for dispersing the ink. The force of gravity pushes the ink down the refill or the plastic cartridge and then released it through the ball. Since the ink used in these ball pens is naturally thick, the ink lasts for a significantly longer period. They can write easily and smoothly on many more surfaces than you can do with the classic fountain pen. While you can move your ball pen in any direction while writing, sketching, or doodling, you cannot do the same with a fountain pen. Therefore, many people prefer to shift to ball pens after some time. It is mainly due to the convenience that they provide.

One of the benefits of using ball pens is that you do not have to directly touch the ink and get your hands dirty. Moreover, ball pens also do not have the problem of blotching of ink that can get the paper surface untidy. It is yet another reason why you should consider using a ball pen.