Top Pen Refills To Choose From

Pens go hand in hand with literacy! Well, this statement continues to be true despite the fascination with technology and new writing tools. A pen remains mighty although its strength vis-à-vis the sword has lost its significance in today’s world. When wars are waged on papers, the pen keeps going on and on. Unfortunately all good things come with a shelf life as do the ink of pens. No worries though! You can hope to start using it once again by choosing the best pen refill for your favorite writing aid.

It makes sense to check the best pen refills available for your pen though. From machined pens to other types of EDC, the choice is enormous and you can find them at your nearest store without much ado. Do check the pros and cons of refilling the pens though and choose the one that is going to be advantageous for you.

Ball Pen Refills- There are numerous refills that make your writing smoother and faster and you would not be able to discern any difference between the refill and your original ink. It will also not leave smudges or blobs of ink on the surface of the paper and there is usually little or no bleeding at all. The refills are considered to be friendly for left handed people who often end up smudging their written work on account of the ink not drying quickly enough. Well, that issue is not going to occur when you obtain a quality refill for your ball point pen.

Gel Pen Refills- While the gel pen is the coveted pen for a large number of people, using a gel refill has its limitations too. It is not advisable to use gel refill to sign your check or receipt as the ink will take some time to dry leading to a possibility of smudges and blobs of ink on paper. However, using it for writing on superior quality paper or using a colored ink for creating art as well as for jotting down notes on note paper makes it the refill of choice for its vibrant and bright appearance.

Do find out the innumerable choices available on Elkos Pens and enhance your writing experience.

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