Why buy pen refills instead of pens?

Talk about protecting our fragile ecosystem from the necessarily ill-effects of human actions- and we can say that every step matters. What is that first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about environment sustainability? Recycling! Needless to say, when it comes to recycling – even apparently the smallest step matters. Yes!Recycling pens! Yes today we will be focusing primarily on the benefit of refilling pens instead of buying a new pen every time. Every time you end up buying a pen refill instead of a pen itself you end up contributing to your environment. How? We will find out here?

Refilling old pens: Understanding its environmental impact

You are ready to recycle your old pen by not throwing it away which eventually means that you are not adding to the already existing amount of residential and commercial waste.

Almost all the use-and-throw pens are made of plastic and every time they are disposed they add up to the non-biodegradable waste scattered around. It is far more environment-friendly instead to invest in refillable ball pens or gel pens.


Cost-effectiveness besides eco-friendliness remains another major factor going for a ball pen refill or gel pen refill. Needless to say, pen refills cost much less than actual pens and makes a prudent choice

Though pen refills are mostly associated with student needs, even those helming offices are suggested to refill their pens – at least- as much as they can so as to reap the benefits as have been mentioned above.

It is very important on your end to select the right quality of pen refills. Choose a product that will match the quality of your earlier refill- so that you don’t suddenly start feeling that you are just not comfortable writing with your favorite pen. A little bit of market research will help you find different types of refills- ALL FIT Gel pen refills (both front loading and back loading), Oxer Refill and ball point refills within competitive price brackets.

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